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One of the good points of the company is bending services of steel sections with the highest capacity in the country tried to give services with high quality to the customers. Now we have the highest steel section bending capacity in our country and through our experience, we have prepared the least limitation for planning special component our customers. .


Section Bending Information


The following chart shows (indicates) the capacities of Spad company for bending pyrophilic sections.

In order to make sure to use the effective and efficient materials, we offer the analysis of the material before order. Our cooperation with the customer causes to get a unique competition and correct development in a market to which we offer services.



In bending process of prophillic sections, bending happens after inserting the considered prophil between rollers by forcing the central roller (imposing force more than the yield resistace of the section) or it’s done by circular movement of rollers consecutively and we observe making a curve or arch in the considered section.

When the section is about to move by the rollers, they are deviated in contact with the third roller. This deviation depends on the roller’s condition the more deviation, the more bending is caused for the section.


To bend different sections, they’re put in appropriate to and different molds. In bending the sections like H, I, U , In addition to the basic rollers, auxiliary and related rollers with the section specification are used which control the considered section rollers in different directions to impose the force correctly and after passing through the rollers, they don’t get deformed or crooked.

As it was mentioned before, the imposed stress should be higher than the yield resistance one order to send the section from the elastic are to the plastic one and to have the least spring back. As we see in the depict, stress is less transient then yield resistance.

Through forming method with cold method, the hard work phenomenon is appeared that depends on the considered radius and the section geometry the result of stress and strain shown in above diagram have decreased the flexibility of the section because of the hardness, so the fragility of the section is increased.

There is a pull in outer part of the curve, the thickness of the wall is thinner, the inner side of the wall is dented and the thickness is on the rise in which in the lower radius of inner curve, it tends to distortion. In last years, we have tried to make the curves without or with a little distortion.