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Spiral Rolling

Pipe Bending Coils

Rolling services of heavy prophillic section are in 3D, spiral and manufacturing different coils unilaterally or bilaferally with over one decade professional operations about forming different pipes, prophillic sections and spiral plates, Spad Sanat has tried to satisfy some of the country needs.one sample of this service is to make (coil) fire heater related to the second and the biggest gas saving plan in Middle East in Shurije Khangiran which has been localized by the experts of Spad Sanat for the first time.

Typical application sectors:

Power generation – Construction – Offshore oil and gas – Petrochemicals – General fabrication


Capability and Capacity

Making different coils (pipe, tube) to 8inch unilateral and multi latera.

elements around the reservoirs.

Construction a special structure.

system of material transfer.

spiral, spherical and decoration stairs.

amusement park or roller coasters elements.

urban and architectural elements.